No Man’s Land Poem book


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To my family for standing by with support and critique for worse and for better
To Marije for correcting my typos and finding every mislaid comma and letter
To Ray for letting images and words flow through the digital grapevine
To Marie Rose for always making me feel that the sun will forever shine
To Steve for the words Ancient Dwellers of the Earth
Unaware what these words might bring and be worth
Bright words of inspiration
Triggering my dark imagination…

12 in stock

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“This is a book…
About the land humans took
The land of dreams
Where nothing is as it seems
Would you walk with me on these winding trails?
Or travel with me on this reckless ship with broken sails?
Welcome to visit my dark and doubtful imagination
The intention is not judgemental and without accusation
Some might feel the sense of truth vibration
Whilst others will be left with a strong frustration‚Ķ”

This is a self printed book, all those poems just came out of my head during fall 2014, can’t explain where they came from.¬† I just had to get them out. Everything in the book is in verse, and every poem has a small illustration.


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