My art and my jewelry have a tight connection with peace, love and freedom. My topmost source of inspiration is rock music. I was inspired by the guitar playing of Steve Morse of Deep Purple to begin making jewelry. Today I’m the exclusive creator of officially authorised Steve Morse jewelry a  jewelry line consisting of items which incorporate guitar strings Steve Morse performed concerts with, and items created specifically for these collections.  Uriah Heep has  joined, with signature picks, with played strings  from Mick Box and Davey Rimmer. I’m also very happy to have the Carl Sentance jewelry collection, based on his logo, which he designed himself and Nazareth logo jewelry. All band jewelry are officialIy authorized with the musicians. I draw rock star portraits as well, and had a few exhibitions. Sometimes I make illustrations, often fantasy ones. Oh, it seems I wrote and illustrated a poem book too, sometimes you just got to spit it out, right?

PS. I’m Swedish, living in Lund, in the south of Sweden.


I started making silver jewelry because I got inspired by a Deep Purple song, composed and played by guitarist Steve Morse. The first piece I made was a silver dreamcatcher with the inscription ”The Aviator”, the name of that song. It was followed by other pieces inspired by Native American style and it felt natural to add strings played in concert by a favorite rock star. I’m further very proud to present the Uriah Heep collection, with guitar string jewelry from  Mick Box and Davey Rimmer as well as Carl Sentance jewelry collection, based on his logo, which he designed himself and Nazareth logo jewelry.

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I used to draw all the time as a teenager, every chance I had, for example during boring history lessons. But when you become an ”adult” there’s a lot of ”must do’s” in life, that leaves you no time for doing what you want to do. Then my daughter started drawing very good rock star portraits when she was 16. I asked her to make one for me. She made one, and I wanted another one. She said to me ”do it yourself, then, I know you can”. So, I did. You won’t find the first tries on this site, but practice makes things better.


I love drawing people, so I started drawing people in different situations, for example war, not nice, but epic, and expressive. Those drawings got me an illustrator assignment for a book about the Mayan people and culture. And one day a really funny Google translation made me draw an old Shaman. The drawing made me think of the world we live in and what we’re doing to it. I found myself with a brain full of words that needed to come out, so I wrote this poem book, ”No Man’s Land”, with my own illustrations.


If you are a musician and interested in having your own line of jewellery, just send me a note. Or if you are interested in my other art stuff, do the same.

Peace & Love