Silver & Guitar string jewelry

Handmade silver jewelry with played strings from Steve Morse (Deep Purple), Mick Box & Davey Rimmer  (Uriah Heep), Nazareth & Carl Sentance logo jewelry.

All officially auhtorized

About me

My jewelry has a tight connection with peace, love and freedom. My topmost source of inspiration is rock music.

I started making silver jewelry because I got inspired by a Deep Purple song, composed and played by guitarist Steve Morse. The first piece I made was a silver dreamcatcher with the inscription ”The Aviator”, the name of that song. It was followed by other pieces inspired by Native American style and it felt natural to add strings played in concert by a favorite rock star.

 I’m further very proud to present the Uriah Heep guitar string jewelry with played strings  from  Mick Box and Davey Rimmer as well as Carl Sentance jewelry collection, based on his logo, which he designed himself and Nazareth logo jewelry.

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