Steve Morse Jewelry Collection

Deep Purple has been one my absolute favorite bands since I was young. But it did not become Number One on my list until I saw them live with Steve Morse. I never heard anyone play like that, his playing has everything. I started following the band and by a strike of luck we met. In a while I started making guitar string jewelry with his played strings. Steve is a true guitar hero and saved Deep Purple almost 30 years ago when they needed it. Steve has now stepped back from the band to take care of his wife Janine who is really ill. Him leaving the band is more than sad to us fans, but the act of a true (guitar) hero. (The strings I get from his guitar tech Tommy Alderson and it is mostly handed over to me in person at live gigs, back stage - should you wonder).

Steve Morse Brotherhood symbol Guitar String Bracelet

Steve Morse Crescent Moon symbol Guitar String Bracelet

Steve Morse Feather Guitar String Bracelet

Steve Morse Guitar String Sling Double Bracelet

Steve Morse Loosen my strings guitar necklace

Steve Morse Lunar symbol Guitar String Bracelet

Steve Morse Plectrum Guitar String Bracelet

Steve Morse Signature Silver Guitar Necklace with Stand

Steve Morse Silver Guitar Prime Necklace

Steve Morse Silver Steel String Dreamcatcher

Steve Morse Steel String Dreamcatcher Small

Steve Morse String Turquoise Necklace

Steve Morse Stringbender Dreamcatcher

Well Dressed Guitar Necklace