I started making silver jewellery because I got inspired by a Deep Purple song, composed and played by guitarist Steve Morse. The first piece I made was a silver dreamcatcher with the inscription ”The Aviator”, the name of that song. It was followed by other pieces inspired by Native American style and it felt natural to add strings played in concert by a favorite rock star. I was honored and moved to get the rights to sell jewelry with Steve’s played strings. Steve even came up with the idea of a design, the Cutout Heart Pick Necklace We have sold quite many pieces all over the world, and am proud to say we have happy customers.


Since Flying Colors is one of the bands Steve works with, and I like their music very much, it came natural to do their jewelry too. My partner in crime here is Bill, who’s Steve’s executive producer, and the manager of Flying Colors. Many of the designs we worked on together. And more news here will come…


Mike is the drummer of Flying Colors…So he gave his consent to try out drumstick jewelry merch. Only one design here sofar, but hopefully there will be more.


Uriah Heep is one of those bands that has been with me since I was a teenager. Songs like ”Easy Living” and ”The Wizard” are epic to me. But it wasn’t until recent I saw them live, and I was taken by how very mighty they still are! And I got the opportunity of meeting the guys too, so making musical silver jewelry for them, came naturally. I’m just very proud and happy to do it!


VEGETATE [ˈvɛdʒɪteɪt] verb
1. live or spend a period of time in a dull, inactive, unchallenging way
2. (of a plant or seed) grow; sprout

Simply Vegetating is an eco-friendly and ethical limited production design collection with a plant-based message, developed, and designed by my daughter Carolina and handmade by me (Katya).

The concept for the collection is a save-the-world, plant-based one, with a sprinkle of bad vegetable puns.

The items in the collection are made for you to use and treasure, to be inspired by, and to show off your values (and your sense of style of course). It is our hope they will be a precious part of your life for a long time to come.


This is not really a collection, but more a ”gathering” of a few designs that people liked, and that I liked myself. I’m not very good at ”aiming” my efforts at a certain goal, I’m a bit shattered, so these designs are just a few of the designs I made that I thought could be customized for you – or you – or YOU…And you can contribute to the ”collection” by asking for your own ideas to be made!